Friday, December 3, 2010

digital media project 2

This is the first panel of the digital triptych we had to make for digital media. I mainly used images that expressed my interests, like reading/books, Audrey Hepburn, Albert Einstein, Andy Warhol, wine, some of my other art work (a drawing and a watercolor painting). I wanted this panel to focus on primarily on things I enjoy such as movies, books, travel, painting, drawing, its just a panel of me. The other two panels are more of a breakdown of some of those images into bigger important themes.

 This is the second panel of the digital triptych, for this one the back ground is my left hand with my peace sign/heart tattoo, I starting fooling around more with smaller images (the same images as in panel 1) and putting them on a bigger image, and example of this would be Alice's face I placed Albert Einstein's eyes, and on John Lennon's shirt I placed the Reno Logo (instead of it saying New York). This panel I wanted it to focus on the relationship between freedom (Lennon, peace sign tattoos) and authority (the british guards) for example.

 This is the third panel of the triptych. I used large photos of Audrey Hepburn from my favorite movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and in the background is multiple images of the chest from the buff Albert Einstein, this panel I wanted it to primarily focus on sex and the feeling of carefree, and pop culture (the repeated word of sex, the tongue sticking out of Audrey Hepburn, etc.)

And this is the completed triptych with all images together

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  1. Very nice!! All 3 montages differ greatly from the next. I love the Albert Einstein one. Putting the montage with the hands was a good choice for the middle part. You did really well with placing your images to lead the viewer's eyes around.