Thursday, November 25, 2010

Paho Mann and Lauren Dicioccio Exhibit

The pieces by Paho Mann were primarily that of photography. A lot of his works were set up grid style (think Andy Warhol's soup cans) and seemed to have an environmental theme. Especially of one piece that seemed to represent the colors of the rainbow, and underneath were pieces of trash, like plastic bottles, plastic bags,jars, etc. here is an photo of the piece:
My particular favorite piece of his showed photos of crumbled up wrapping paper, valentine's day boxes, empty Christmas boxes, gift bags/cards, etc. It seemed to have a "the day after" sort of effect. We wait for months (especially if your a child) for Christmas/birthdays to come and when they finally do they are over in a blink of an eye. Many of the Paho Mann pieces didn't seem to go together, they were either very environmental, or pieces of nostalgia (like the crumbled up wrapping paper). Either way it was hard for me to see how they related.

Lauren Dicioccio's pieces were very interesting, they were all embroidered and homemade, the fabric "plastic shopping bags" as seen here in this photo:
That made you want to look up real close to see if they were real. She also had fabric "plastic" water bottles, embroidered pages from the New York Times, embroidered pictures (think koda-chrom and pan-vue slides), a fabric hefty bag, and a fabric Ziploc bag. Everything that we would normally think of as plastic was made into fabric and embroidered with great detail. Her pieces were easier to understand the political and environmental theme than the Paho Mann pieces. Overall I enjoyed the exhibit and the pieces the artists had to offer.

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