Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cory Arcangel Lecture 1

The reason why I was unable to attend any lectures was because when they were scheduled it was either when I had class, or I had to work. I am the only person (where I worked) in my position so if I don't work the whole place closes down which would make my boss mad.

Anyways back to the review. Cory Arcangel is a computer artist he likes to create art that has a relationship from technology to culture. He is a founding member of beige. They recycle computer parts, gameboys, game systems etc. to create art with them.

He talks about how most of his art is about recycling (stealing) code (mainly from video games. A great example of this is his piece called Super Mario Clouds. He stole code from the super mario game and made it so the only thing that shows is the clouds. Here it is
this picture is from where it was being exhibited at the time. He said that he wanted as many projections as possible to make it seem kind of like a picnic with the constantly moving clouds.

He said he first got into computer programing as a way to play pranks on people at school. One example of this is he disassembled the internet program at the school's computer lab, and changed it so when you went to check your email, the computer would shut off and the CD-rom would pop open. He thought it was hilarious.

Another example of his art is the piece called Super slow tetris. He kept everything the same on the program except for the speed. He made it super slow.

He said that he really likes to do art where he can change the littlest easiest thing from the program.

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