Thursday, September 2, 2010

Final Project part. 2 Learning to Love you more

The next project I decided to do one of the assignments from Learning to Love you more, they are no longer accepting submissions, but I really liked assignment number 11. Take a photo of a scar on your body and then write about it.  Well here is the picture of the scar on my upper right arm. It goes straight across my arm
It happened around the beginning of the summer of 2010. I was at work, cleaning the toilet in the stall in the men's bathroom, when I finished and  was leaving the corner of the stall door nicked my arm. At first I thought it was just a scratch but then blood started running down my arm. I had to quickly go to the first aid kit so I could stop the bleeding before it fell on the carpet. I quickly bandaged it up with two bandaids. And 6-ish months later the scar is still there representing my clummsiness.

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